Shadow DOM is still somewhat shady

I was recently building a web app using Polymer 2.0 and need to include some SVG assets for wider resolution support. As you may know, Polymer fully supports native shadow DOM with the 2.0 version. When using a shadow DOM context, the style tag will apply the given CSS rules inside the shadow context. This … [Read more…]

Dumping Korg i5m PCM ROMs – part 1

Recently I was working on fixing a korg i5m 1995 workstation -that I’ve bought as is on eBay years ago- which has a noise problem in the output. A mechanical but not random weird noise. I also have an i5s (a version with the keyboard and speakers) and I like the samples of that device, … [Read more…]

Redirect OSX internet sharing traffic

To be able to eavesdrop to internet sharing traffic, you may use “pf” or packet filtering tool, which is a kind of firewall used by the mac’s operating system. But hold on, why would you need to listen to internet traffic on a wi-fi device? I usually develop for wi-fi enabled devices and knowing what … [Read more…]