Diablo 2 Windows 7 fix

Wanted to play some Diablo 2 on my Windows 7 PC. The game claims that it is Win7 compatible but there are too many parameters, too many different hardware etc. and it rejected working properly. The screen was flickering in the game.

When I hit ESC the menu renders fine but in the game itself there were gliches of some sort. Additionally some sprites seemed out-of-gamma. For example blacks were not exactly black especially in the main menu. I looked up on the net for a solution but none have worked.

Here is the actual screenshot of the broken fullscreen Diablo:


Then I’ve decided to find mine 😛

I realized that it works fine in windowed mode (which can be done with a -window command paramter [Diablo II.exe -window]) and write a auto hotkey script to run Diablo 2 window fullscreen.

It simply starts the game windowed, removes window borders,maximize it and finally restricts the mouse in a 800×600 px area. The script can be found here. And for the lazy ones, the compiled script is here.

The same concept can be applied to other games rejecting to run flawlessly in fullscreen mode.

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