Javascript based floppy image reader

Currently working on a hobby project on reading floppy disk images using javascript. These days javascript can do anything 80’s and 90’s computer can do. There are a lot of javascript based emulators already done and being developed and I was thinking of a similar project. I wanted to work on some byte-stuff in my own way and floppyJS was born! :) Considering the software for this purpose (WinImage, WinHex etc.) are paid software, an open source javascript version may be beneficial. I don’t know whether JMESS ( has any similar component (I should check in order not to re-invent the wheel) but floppyJS mainly aims inspecting/editing floppy images. Maybe in later stages a disk image API to combine with any JS emulator may be developed, who knows… Currently the code is rather messy and only supports FAT12 images. If it raises any attention and if anybody is interested, a more detailed and systematical coding scheme can be introduced with some documentation. You can reach it on github

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