Dumping Korg i5m PCM ROMs – part 1

Recently I was working on fixing a korg i5m 1995 workstation -that I’ve bought as is on eBay years ago- which has a noise problem in the output. A mechanical but not random weird noise. I also have an i5s (a version with the keyboard and speakers) and I like the samples of that device, … [Read more…]

Redirect OSX internet sharing traffic

To be able to eavesdrop to internet sharing traffic, you may use “pf” or packet filtering tool, which is a kind of firewall used by the mac’s operating system. But hold on, why would you need to listen to internet traffic on a wi-fi device? I usually develop for wi-fi enabled devices and knowing what … [Read more…]

Make MacOS keys familiar to Windows

I have recently started using a OSX installed macbook pro work for my work. It is a performance beast but the main environment I’m used to up to this point was Windows. I had a hard time getting used to the key layout, especially the command key. I’m using Macs occasionally for mobile Safari debugging … [Read more…]