Javascript based floppy image reader

Currently working on a hobby project on reading floppy disk images using javascript. These days javascript can do anything 80’s and 90’s computer can do. There are a lot of javascript based emulators already done and being developed and I was thinking of a similar project. I wanted to work on some byte-stuff in my … [Read more…]

Diablo 2 Windows 7 fix

Wanted to play some Diablo 2 on my Windows 7 PC. The game claims that it is Win7 compatible but there are too many parameters, too many different hardware etc. and it rejected working properly. The screen was flickering in the game. When I hit ESC the menu renders fine but in the game itself … [Read more…]

Water Cooling Re-Installed

My custom water cooling system was laying aside since it has started leaking. I’ve changed the couplings, did some re-wiring and mounted the whole thing on top of the computer case.┬áPreviously it was inside my little (thermaltake V3 []) mid tower case and was taking up a lot of space together with 3 HDDs a … [Read more…]

Symbolic Link Automation in Windows

If you’re using a small-capacity SSD and have your main OS partition (in this case Windows 7) on it, it is possible that you run out of space in no time. In my case I’m using a relatively old 60 GB SSD (they were really expensive when I get this one) and have very little … [Read more…]