Physics Game: Sibling Rivalry

A physics game engine based on C++ uses my own DirectX 9c graphics engine. Two brother monsters are connected to each other with a tentacle and should move in harmony while the player tries to reach the marked area. Only one monster can be moved at a time using the mouse and appying an impulse to the closest … [Read more…]

GGJ 2012

I was at GGJ2012 and the theme was an Ouroboros. After some time discussing and trying to understand the theme, we come up with a highly creative game style; We would make a snake game!!! Then after further brainstorming, an interesting gameplay arised… Global Game Jam project page; To see other games from our game … [Read more…]

A project

A game project I’ve done for a course project, it is not completed yet but all the steps developing a game was followed starting from an idea and storyboard. The storyboard; Video of the game; Some design documents… Only the updated titles are mentioned but the old versions are included in italic type for clarity. … [Read more…]