Symbolic Link Automation in Windows

If you’re using a small-capacity SSD and have your main OS partition (in this case Windows 7) on it, it is possible that you run out of space in no time. In my case I’m using a relatively old 60 GB SSD (they were really expensive when I get this one) and have very little … [Read more…]

Must Have Software

Here is a list of Windows applications that everybody who’s interested in computers must have aside. And they are FREE! I do not have any connections with any of these software developers and I do not provide any warranty using them. Also, I don’t claim any of these software is the “best”. This is just … [Read more…]

Physics Game: Sibling Rivalry

A physics game engine based on C++ uses my own DirectX 9c graphics engine. Two brother monsters are connected to each other with a tentacle and should move in harmony while the player tries to reach the marked area. Only one monster can be moved at a time using the mouse and appying an impulse to the closest … [Read more…]

GGJ 2012

I was at GGJ2012 and the theme was an Ouroboros. After some time discussing and trying to understand the theme, we come up with a highly creative game style; We would make a snake game!!! Then after further brainstorming, an interesting gameplay arised… Global Game Jam project page; To see other games from our game … [Read more…]