Quick and dirty animaton with async/await

Animation is a pain if you do not know how it is implemented. Basically, you are updating a value with respect to time. This is generally done by calculating the time elapsed since the last frame and interpolating this value between its initial and final values. The interpolation needn’t be linear, there are many such … [Read more…]

Passing Arbitrary Messages with C++

When I was working on a isometric game engine/map editor a few years back, I thought that it would be a nice idea to use some kind of a messaging mechanism to communicate between different components of the engine. Although that implementation is far from perfect, I will try to explain my intentions behind it … [Read more…]

Poor Man’s Mirror Protractor

I am collecting vinyl for the last 10 years although I have a rather limited collection of about a 100. I really enjoy listening music on vinyl when I have the time. Large cover art, handling the physical medium, clarity and separation of different instruments and vocals, occasional posters and stickers have always been attractive … [Read more…]

Shadow DOM is still somewhat shady

I was recently building a web app using Polymer 2.0 and need to include some SVG assets for wider resolution support. As you may know, Polymer fully supports native shadow DOM with the 2.0 version. When using a shadow DOM context, the style tag will apply the given CSS rules inside the shadow context. This … [Read more…]